Tuesday, March 11, 2014

♥ $0.99 Fire In His Eyes by MJ Nightingale on sale! ♥

This is a fabulous fast paced novel about love, rising above fears and insecurities, and accepting your loved ones – warts and all.  I enjoyed this book.  The main character, Monica, is a rape survivor who has put her life together.  Monica is an avid runner and teacher who has broken up with her one and only boyfriend (who really was more a friend with benefits than anything else).  Her sister insists she get ‘back on the horse’ and get out of her self-imposed, celibate, rut.  While out at a local club she meets a man who gets her motor running.  Victor is retired military, sexy as hell, and emotionally unavailable.

I wanted to warn Miss Monica to stay away from her hot man!  But, alas, that is impossible.  Monica falls head over heels with Victor, but knows that her man is very complicated and secretive.


 Will Monica be able to handle all of the baggage that Victor is carrying?  Can she really love him-warts and all?  Will Victor be able to trust in Monica’s love, be able to get his life in a direction that is emotionally healthy? 
Will the fire in Victor’s eyes and passion they share burn away the obstacles or doom their relationship?
Here's your chance to get this great book for only $0.99! This sale continues only until Thursday!

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