Sunday, November 10, 2013

Summer is over but you can still spend time at the beach with Undertow by Elizabeth O'Roark!

Maura and Nate have known one another virtually her entire life. Every summer Maura and Nate grow closer. All is well until the differences in their stations in life become an issue to everyone but them. Separated by machinations of those around them, college student Nate and 17-year-old Maura go their separate ways. As Maura’s college graduation closes in another man Maura has known forever, Ethan, makes it clear he is very interested in dating her. Maura has not returned to her beloved beach for 5 years because the memories are too painful. Not only is Nate still there, he is in residence at the carriage house next door!
Will Nate and Maura get back together? Can anyone really return home again and see things through old and scratched rose-colored glasses? Will Ethan, along with family expectations and seemingly inescapable obligations, win Maura’s love? Or will she escape the undertow and discover that true love really never dies, and that sometimes there really is a happy ending?
This was the first book in a long time that I truly could not put down. No interruptions, just read straight through! This may be the first book of Ms. O’Roark’s that I’ve read but it most certainly will NOT be the last!

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