Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A FULL FIVE STARS for Cowboy Town by Kasey Millstead! (Can I Give It 6?)

*****Hottie Alert*****.  I knew at page 3 that this book was going to be spectacular, and I was NOT disappointed!

Eden Cross's parents pass away leaving her with her best friend Jules and her boyfriend Matt as her only family, but Eden has changed.  No longer the carefree young woman she once was, Eden is now is stuck in a rut. Job, check, she's a success in real estate property management. Boyfriend, Matt, check - but is this the way love and relationships are supposed to be (Um,can we way lazy lay, slam bam thank you ma'am...NOT).  After a revelation (boy it is hard not to leave spoilers with this one) Eden takes a leave of absence from her job in Sydney and goes on a modern day walkabout, finally arriving in the wonderful town of Pine Creek, Northern Territory.  She rents a bungalow, gets a job at the local bar, and settles in because she feels so at home!

Jackson Henley has lived in Pine Creek his entire life.  Living on and running an immense cattle and crop station, along with his twin brother, Jeremy (holy double hotties)makes him a very eligible bachelor!  He's had relationship problems and baggage of his own thanks to skanky Dannika.  But the first time he sees Eden behind the bar he is instantly taken....let the fireworks begin.
Eden Jackson and Eden's story is a refreshing read. Kasey Millstead has a remarkable voice and paints pictures with words, a skill I both admire and envy!  Her characters are realistic, wonderfully complex and three dimensional.  I loved, loved, LOVED, this book.  I am very pleased to say, "Don't miss this one,'s FABULOUS!"

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