Friday, November 29, 2013

♥♥♥♥♥A Full FIVE HEARTS for Danielle Allen's 'Back To Life'♥♥♥♥♥ - not just a book, but a journey!

Sahara Lee is a young woman struggling to overcome a series of events for which she feels responsible. Suffering from PTSD, depression, and an overwhelming sense of guilt, Sahara systematically cuts herself off from those who love her because she is afraid the people closest too her hate her for what occurred, but fails to realize that she is leaving a trail of misery in her wake. Sahara believes herself to be unworthy of love or friendship, but knows that she is an extremely intelligent and savvy businesswoman. In business she is exceedingly successful…the ice queen….never getting close to her co-workers, never sharing anything of herself, and keeps her professional life far away from her personal life. Outwardly she is cool as a cucumber, but inwardly is a whole different story. Sahara is a seething mess of personal conflicts, but also a master of disguise.

Emily Mills is Sahara’s best friend. In college, she aspired to be a professional dancer, but some things are simply not meant to be. She’s known Sahara her whole life and considers her the sister she’s never had. Emily does not know why Sahara has completely distanced herself from the family. She is confused and hurt by Sahara’s physical and emotional distance. But Emily refuses to write Sahara off and is determined to discover the reason for Sahara’s retreat.

Emmanuel Mills is Emily’s older brother and is the object of Sahara’s seemingly unrequited love. A potential NBA candidate, Emmanuel seems to have the world by the balls. Yet appearances can be deceiving. He has watched over Emily and Sahara for their entire life and loves them both dearly. He is very hurt and confused by Sahara’s desertion.

Tyree Barker is a self-made entrepreneur, and owner of ‘Jimmy’s’ – an upscale restaurant and night club. He is handsome, wealthy, and interested! Conveniently he is Sahara’s new neighbor.
Sahara has to return to her hometown in order to testify at the hearing of someone up for an early parole. This person is at the crux of her self-imposed exile from all who care for her. Will she be able to overcome her intense fear and anxiety and confront her past head on? Will all of those whom she has abandoned forgive her and allow her back into their lives? Will Sahara be able to forgive herself, allow herself to put the past behind her, learn to love and be loved, and step into a future bright with possibilities? Or will Sahara simply choose to live in exile, hating herself for her past.

Back To Life is not just a story. It is one woman’s journey back towards the life she deserves. I am very glad I took this journey with Sahara and look forward to continuing with Back To Reality!

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