Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Books and Bindings is holding an AMAZING Giveaway!

Not only do you get an chance to win a Kindle Fire HDX 7" 32GB Tablet, but you get the opportunity to give back:

Living in Central Florida, I am always hyper aware of Hurricane season.  It seems that Mother Nature has been tossing everything she's got over the last few years!   I have lived in 'Hurricane Country' since the mid '70s and have seen storms come and go.  I live in the lightning capital of the world!  I've seen tornados, flooding, tropical storms, and - of course - hurricanes.  Hurricane Andrew in '92, Charlie in 2004 (yep-eye came right over my house) and the Christmas day tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the surrounding area that same year,  Katrina in 2005, and then the earthquake in Haiti.  Mother nature has wreaked havoc on those around us.  But the Philippines has been decimated by Typhoon Haiyan.

I know that times are tight, the economy still sucks, and Christmas is fast approaching.  Truly, every penny counts!  You do NOT have to donate to the relief fund in order to participate in this Giveaway.  But, if you can - even the smallest amount matters! 

Check out Books and Bindings at:

Or to go right to the Giveaway itself:

I hope we all have a safe, happy, and blessed Holiday Season! 

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