Thursday, March 26, 2015

❦ Cover Reveal: Mercy by Lucian Bane ❦

Mercy Cover Reveal
Mercy~A Dark Erotica
Releasing tomorrow. March, 27th.
Goodreads Link:

"He turned and wagged the blade at her. “Now, I’m going to play a little game with you called cut away the lies. For every lie you tell me, I cut away clothes until there is nothing left but that pretty skin of yours. And then… if there are still secrets, I’m going to use some of these handy restraints and tie you open. Wide open. Until you are comfortable being transparent with me. And if that doesn't work…” He gave a long sigh and leveled a hard gaze at her. “I have other persuasive tools that will make you talk. Scream even. In pleasure or in pain… it’s up to you.”

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