Thursday, August 28, 2014

***New Release: "On My Way Home" by Allie Walker****

Author: Allie Walker
Published Date:  August 18, 2014
Genre:  Women’s Fiction

Clare LaFrace is a successful talent agent and mother of three daughters. Austin is the love of Clare’s life and the mostly-absent father of her daughters. Clare had Gabriella when she was only sixteen, and this family’s story has only grown more complicated with time. But though Austin’s parents have always stood between their son and his girls, he and Clare have never stopped loving each other and he has never been able to fully keep his distance.

Gabriella, the eldest daughter, is a high school graduate about to leave for Brown University. Upon learning her boyfriend is cheating on her, she dumps him and heads for home—but an emergency call from her best friend, Jason, sends her to his house instead. She arrives, suspecting a surprise going-away party to send her off to college. What she finds is certainly a surprise but one that will alter the course of her life forever.

On My Way Home is a story of a loving mother, her three daughters, unrequited love, and a torn family that tries desperately to mend itself. This emotional journey explores the resilient human spirit’s struggle in the face of life’s unexpected tragedies.


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Allie Walker is a twenty-eight-year-old Missouri native who has always loved to write. This small-town girl with big ideas first began writing to cope with life's diversity, but an amazing story of family, unconditional love, and fate took over and eventually came to life as her first novel, On My Way Home.

As a general rule, Walker refuses to be a victim of circumstance and won't give up on any personal goals. She's grateful for the supportive people in her life and lives with her husband and their Siberian husky in St. Louis, Missouri. She has completed her second book, which she plans to publish in the near future.
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