Friday, December 13, 2013

♥ ♥~~One Wild Night is a fun and refreshing romp!~~♥ ♥

This is a cute story about waking up after a wild night in Vegas married to a male stripper. It is a fast fun read. The story revolves around Valerie Wilder, an overweight, junior PR representative at her first convention in Las Vegas; and the male stripper, Wes Cockrell (I laughed when his last name was revealed) to whom she woke up married! He has dreams of a career in music, is seriously H O T, and has been crashing with a friend on his way to make his mark in Los Angeles.
Valerie and two of her coworkers go to a male revue after a long, boring, day of meetings and are picked to judge the hottest body in the house. Of course, that would be Wes! He, Valerie and her two gal pals party for the evening and Valerie is drinking like there’s no tomorrow. Before she realizes it she is three sheets to the wind and blacks out. She wakes up with one seriously hot man, his and hers tattoos, the mother of all hangovers, and a husband who – for all appearances – may only be looking for a ‘sugar mama’.

“Uh, morning.” I blinked. Shit. I had a tanned God of a man lying next to me and I had to be a hot mess with my makeup on from the night before and my breath, which had to reek like ass, since it sure tasted like it did. And I also had absolutely no idea what his name was.
“Last night was something else,” he said, sitting up and dropping the blanket. It stopped where his amazing abs ended and there was definitely not any sort of underwear line. He was naked. In my bed.
“Definitely.” I sat up, trying to appear confident, but there was no way my body looked half as good as his, so I kept the blanket over my giant boobs.
“Want to get breakfast?” He was grinning from ear to ear with his green eyes locked on me. Wasn’t this the moment in which he tried to get out of my bed as quickly as possible? That’s what most random hook ups did. At least, that’s what mine did. Guys didn’t mind screwing me, but to be seen with the curvy chick? Nuh-uh.
“No, that’s cool. You can go ... home?” I arched an eyebrow. I wasn’t sure if he was another person there on business or something. He could have worked at the casino for all I knew.
He crept over to my side of the bed and I gasped as he lifted the blanket up before he slowly straddled my hips with his toned thighs. I was surprised at how hard his body was yet smooth at the same time.
His cock was pressed practically against my belly button and ready to go. “Now, darlin’, why would I leave when I have my beautiful bride in bed with me?”

It was refreshing to read about a woman who was NOT a size two, who is not just the fat friend, and who lands the hot man. Valerie is easy to connect to because has the insecurities and vulnerabilities of many overweight women. She realizes that most men only want her for a quick lay, because most men think she’s desperate for ANY attention. Unfortunately – and humanly – she uses these men right back (Mr. Tonight is better than being alone). Therefore, she can’t fathom why a man as good looking as Wes would go so far as to marry her – drunk or not. Megan Vernon has written a fun romp that is witty and fun. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the serial. I can’t wait to see what happens to this odd couple along the way.

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