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Back To Reality by Danielle Allen is a Friday Five Five Star Favorite!

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"You said you loved me earlier..."  He kissed me deeper, allowing our tongues to caress before he pulled away.  "And then you bolted..."  He sucked on my bottom lip before catching it between his teeth, tugging gently.  "Why?" he asked just as he tore my G-string from my body.  I let out a noise that was part gasp and part moan as the thin strings of material briefly bit into my skin before shredding easily. 

My knees buckled.


    All About Sahara Lee
We are first introduced to Sahara Lee in Back To Reality.  Sahara is extremely success as a corporate executive in Human Resources.  She is considered cold and aloof.  She does not connect with any of her co-workers who have nicknamed her “The Ice Queen”.  Not one of them will ever know that 10 years ago Sahara was an outgoing, fun loving, college student who knew how to work hard and play harder.  Sahara was always a driven individual who had plans to become a doctor.   None of them knew her BEFORE. Before the accident, before she ran away because she felt responsible for her friends’ injuries, before that same accident killed her only parent – her father.  Sahara is good at running.  Running away from her pain, running away from her fears, running away from any emotional connections – Until she meets Tyree Barker.

When Back To Reality begins, Sahara has faced the demon – she appeared at the parole hearing of the man who hit them, and has reconnected with Emily and Emmanuel.  She’s had romantic feelings for him since she was a young teenager and never knew he felt the same.  She met Tyree Barker at the gym in her building and he’s the first person to break down that wall.  Sahara and Ty are hot and heavy, so she in confused by her strong feelings for Emmanuel.  When she’s in with Ty they seem to have a strong, committed relationship and her feelings for Emmanuel are forgotten.  When she is anywhere near Emmanuel the sexual tension could be cut by a knife!  They SIZZLE when they are around one another, but Sahara still feels a ton of guilt. 

Throughout the book, Sahara takes two steps forward and one step back on her journey to overcome the belief that she is at the root of everything that gives those she is close to pain.  She finally starts seeing a therapist and is learning to accept responsibility for OLNLY those things over which she had control.  She is learning to stand and fight for what she wants instead of running away.  She is learning to trust herself and to admit that she is worthy and capable of loving and being loved.  And she is learning that she is strong enough to make the ultimate decision.  Is Ty Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now?  Or is Emmanuel the Prince Charming whose mighty steed – his motorcycle – will carry her off into her happily ever after?






In “Back To Reality” - the second book in the Back To Life series - Sahara continues to resolve her personal issues, begins to accept that she should only feel guilty for things she’s done that SHE could control, and attempts to get her personal and love life in order.  She is still having trouble with her feelings for both Tyree and Emmanuel, and is learning to trust herself.  Will Sahara choose the new man in her life, Tyree Barker?  He’s handsome, extremely successful, and panty wetting sexy.  But he’s pushing Sahara to make decisions she KNOWS she is not yet ready to make.  Or will it be Emmanuel – the man she has loved seemingly forever?  Whenever she is near Emmanuel Sahara can only hold on for dear life – because his charisma, sex appeal, and ties to her past are like water to Sahara’s thirsty heart, but she is petrified to hurt him anymore.  Both men are pushing her to choose, but can she? 

Is it possible to love two men at the same time?  Sahara does love both Tyree and Emmanuel, and each man fills an emotional need.  Sahara has come so very far in her personal development and is tearing down her walls brick by brick.  Her biggest decision is going to have to be which man will share her life! 

Sahara’s continuing journey of self-discovery and acceptance is both heartbreaking and uplifting. 

Each character in this series is fully three dimensional.  The interwoven plot lines are well crafted and seamless.  The issues addressed are realistic and each characters motivations and responses are believable.  And the intimate scenes….ok – the sex scenes are H O T!!!  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Back To Life series and look forward to reading more of Danielle Allen’s work! 

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