Thursday, April 2, 2015

❤️ Cover Reveal: Cursed Soul by t.h. snyder ❤️

Cursed Soul by t.h. snyder
Cover Model:  Brody Haight
Release Date:  April 20, 2015


Synopsis:  Outcast, deviant, loser.

Cliff Benjamin never trusted anyone enough to share in his pain. For years, he’s hidden from what he’s done, the regrets that cause him sleepless nights, and those that he’s hurt the most. Years later, life couldn’t be better. He’s found security in his crew, building an empire with his best friends, and creating works of art on the flesh of his clients. Nothing could change the way he feels about the men and women in his life. 

Kris Anne never thought she’d lose the love of her life. Trying to move on, she decides to visit her sister, Jenn, in Alabama. No matter how hard she yearns for her lost soul mate, the curse of another man plagues her thoughts day in and day out. Confused and unsure of her path in life, she wills herself to finally let go.

That is until the night of Cursed Magic’s grand reopening. 

Cliff never thought his past would come back and destroy him once and for all, he thought he’d stayed hidden long enough for the memories to seep away. Now the weight of his mistakes has put those closest to him in danger…including her. 

Can Cliff finally come clean and admit to the errors of his ways? Will he be able to break free of his past to keep her safe?

The only way to set yourself free is to allow others in…be honest, be loyal and always be real. 

Put it on your TBR today!

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