Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Moonstone Dreams Series by S.C. Miotto is an exceptional read from start to finish!

A breathtaking love story about passion, devotion, desperation, and hope.
Victoria Carlisle, a 32 year old business woman, who has endured the horrors of an abusive marriage, lives what on the outside looks like the American dream. But even with a mansion, luxury car, and every material possession one could imagine, her emotional voids are simply too large to fill.

Victoria’s mundane daily routine is derailed one night when she finds herself battling an intense physical connection that she feels after a private encounter she shares with her sister’s boyfriend. They try to avoid each other, but their attraction is undeniable.

Living a double life of paranoia and fear, Victoria must make a life altering decision: Remain in a passionless marriage where she has financial stability or risk 
everything and follow her heart.

This is not your average love story. It is the story of a woman who was married, very young, to a man who became her warden more than her husband. Frank is a serial abuser. Worse, their youngest son treats his mother with the same disdain as his father. The older children are ignorant of their mother's trials, as Frank's abuse becomes more violent with each passing year.

While wealthy, their money comes from criminal industries - drugs, girls, etc. - and Victoria knows that Frank has men who will be just as willing to hurt her as he is. She is virtually trapped in the relationship from hell -- and then she meets Collin.
Younger and vibrant, Collin is the balm to Victoria's soul; and she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Yet she knows how dangerous an affair would be should her husband find out.  
This saga is a gripping, gritty, sensual, and sexy read that you won't put down!

After suffering from a severe emotional breakdown, Victoria Carlisle is treated at the Bergen Valley mental hospital in New Jersey. She leaves the hospital with the hopes of a brighter future. Victoria has experienced love that she never knew existed with Collin Turner, her handsome, young, estranged lover, although to her, he was so much more. After separating for months, she believes that Collin still feels the same, but they struggle to overcome the obstacles that keep them from being together.
While house hunting, Victoria reconnects with an old friend, Preston James, who attempts to steal her heart. She is suddenly distracted by his presence, but deep down she knows what she wants.
Emerging in more ways than one, Victoria explores a racier sex life, the opportunity to travel, finding her independence, and falling in love again. Wanting nothing more than a second chance at happiness, Victoria desperately holds on to her relationship, but at what cost? It becomes a rollercoaster ride as she hoards secrets and battles with jealousy and many of the repressive demons of her past. At times she feels as though her life is a dream come true, but at other times she fears that she may be spiraling toward repeating history.

Can Victoria free herself from her dark past so she can finally open her heart to her one true love?

Diamond Love is the second installment of the epically emotional Moonstone Dreams Series.

This riveting sequel of Moonstone Dreams, follows Victoria and Collin as they struggle to find themselves and their place in each others' lives, while trying to avoid detection by Frank and his many criminal friends.

Victoria awakens in a mental hospital with amnesia and we are witness to her remembering, and reliving, the agonizing events that caused her to snap. Intense and compelling, this is a woman's journey to find herself and to hopefully break herself - finally - out of the constant cycles of abuse.

However, even as she pulls herself together, her world begins to spiral further out of control; and she wonders if the constant upheavals and tragedies will bring her closer to, or push her farther from, the people she holds most dear.

Still gritty and gripping, Miotto will make you sweat, scream, and squirm as the couple deal with their relationship and its dangerous implications should they be found out. This romantic suspense will keep you guessing throughout, and has an ending that will make your jaw drop.


After enduring the darkest hours of her life, Victoria barely escapes the grisly situation. She is left with must more than just physical scars. She is starting from the bottom to bring her life back together and trying to be there for her loved ones who all seem to need her at the same time. Victoria isn’t sure if she can handle the tremendous weight, while continuing to heal her own wounds as well. Some of her closest ties begin to unravel and she doesn’t know if the constant tragedies will make her relationships stronger or tear them apart.

In the riveting third installment to the Moonstone Dreams series, Victoria has succeeded in pushing all those close to her away, including her precious Collin. Except for one person, who may very well be more dangerous than Frank or all his cronies combined.

The situation with Frank comes to a head, as Victoria and Collin are trying to move forward with their relationship; but Frank has other ideas. What ensues are some of the most violent, gripping, and emotional scenes that I've read - ever. As I followed Victoria's valiant journey to put her life back together, I was humbled by her tenacity and willingness to do whatever it took to put the overcome the enormous emotional and physical scars and start life over again in order to provide - once and for all - a peaceful, caring, and loving home for herself, the love of her life, and her children.

The action is not stop, I read it straight through - while on the edge of my seat - just so I could find out exactly what would happen with Victoria and Collin. And boy was I surprised where this book went! Twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout, also kept me reading until sunup!

This series is a must read for any fan of romantic thrillers. I can guarantee that I will be re-reading these three books before the next installment is released - Hell, I may re-read them just because I can!
No spoilers - I'd ruin it if I gave you any further details. Suffice it to say that I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series, as I cannot WAIT to find out what happens next to Victoria, Collin and their extended family.

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