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Review Tour: Cover Up by Kim Black -- I love this series!!!

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Title: Cover Up

Author: Kim Black

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Emily Roberts is a confused woman. While her heart feels entangled with Julien’s, her mind fights for the man who had
always been true to her, Adam. Feeling that she can never trust Julien again, she tries to move on...

The heart is not one that can be ignored and even after all Julien has done, she yearns still for his touch...

Julien Belmont never meant to hurt Emily. One night, one mistake, one lie costs him the love of his life and he is left with no choice but to watch her leave. When Julien’s action causes Emily to have an accident, the guilt that he feels is unbearable.

Determined to get her back, he tries to ends his ties to the only thing standing in the way of his happiness, his wife!

But all is fair in love and war.
Cutting ties with a woman scorned is never easy...

Note: This book is the second part of The Cover Series and is designed to be read in order.
This book contains erotic content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
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I loved the book.  Poor Emily awakens with retrograde amnesia and doesn't remember Julien at all, believes that she and Adam are still together, and is blissfully unaware of Diana's betrayal.  I am often distracted by different points of view, but Ms. Black's use of the element adds such depth to each character and their motivations. 

 There are many twists and turns - I spent much of the book so engrossed that tuned out everyone around me.  Will Emily regain her memory?  Will Emily and Adam rekindle their romance?  Will Suzy be able to keep her mouth shut and not give away Diana's betrayal?  Will Diana have the gumption to confess her sins when the time comes?  If Emily DOES regain her memory, will she forgive Julien - or will she run....again?  You'll have to read it and find out for yourself whether or not Julien can win back his beloved Emily.   
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Slowly, he rounded the bed and placed me down in its center. He stood above me, taking me in with pure hunger and adoration in his eyes. A flash of him doing the same thing came to mind and I grew confident with the memory, tugging at my pants to remove them. I wanted him inside of me, now. “Tsk, tsk, tsk… Patience, ma belle” he scolded when I got the unbelievably tight pants to my ankles. “I plan on taking you nice and slow tonight.” He moved my hands away from the garment, which pooled at my feet, and slowly, painfully, tugged them off. He took his time to free each foot. His ravenous eyes never left mine as he lifted my butt and yanked the thin fabric of my panties off in one swift sweep. God I love an animalistic man … in the sack of course. I wanted him desperately. I couldn’t explain why, but something about him, about this place just called to me. It was like…a magnet, a pull that I couldn’t escape. Escape Em’! You don’t sleep around with strange men on the first night you meet! I couldn’t stop now. I needed the confirmation. I needed to know that he was, in fact, the same man who invaded my dreams night after night. The same man who had made my body sing with just a simple look, a slight touch, or damn it, by just fucking standing in front of me like was right now. There were so many questions – questions that I needed answers to. Leaning back on the soft plush bed, I watched as he slowly crept his way up my body like an animal staking its prey. Lifting my leg up, he planted soft sensual kisses at my ankle, sending my body completely ablaze at the slightest graze of his lips. The simple touch sparked a new flood of moisture at my core. Who knew my ankles were this sensitive.

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Kim was born and raised in the great state of New York. She is a newly self-published author of “The Cover Series.” She has always believed that one day she would become an author. She enjoyed reading and writing all of her life and had always felt that it was somewhat of a calling for her. At age 28, she had no idea that she would become an Erotic Romance Author, mostly because she had just gotten into reading Romances last year and instantly fell in love with the genre. Kim enjoys the passions of love and believes that there is no greater feeling than the initial jilt we get when we first meet that right person. Wanting to provide romance readers with stories that they can feel and get lost in, Kim decided in September 2013 to become a published author.
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