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♥Cat Mason’s Facing Me (Shaft on Tour, Book 2) is stopping on its book tour! ♥

Title: Facing Me (Shaft on Tour #2)
Author: Cat Mason
Genre: Adult Romance
Publication Date: March 25

“Everyone has a story my pages are just a lot darker than most.” 

Aiden Chesterfield needs control like he needs to breathe. It pushes back the dark past he tries to pretend doesn’t exist. Just as badly as he needs the structure that domination provides, he needs Camaron to be the one to submit to him. Though, when Aiden realizes how unworthy she feels of his love; he sends her away. Her insecurities anger him, but break him at the same time. Forcing him to come to the realization that her emotions are one thing he cannot control. 

Camaron Allen left everything to start her life over in Vegas with hopes of finding family. After losing the man she loves because of her insecurities she’s determined to become stronger. When a phone call from her best friend has her taking on a new career, she is forced to face more than herself. Shaft is hitting the big time and everyone wants a piece of the rockers’ pie; and some are willing to do anything to get it. Will Cam and Aiden be able to move beyond their fears and face the possibility of a future, together? Or will they forever fight their demons alone?

What do you do when you send the only person who makes you whole away?  That is where this story begins.  Cameron and Aiden are miles away from one another, physically, but are inextricably tied emotionally to one another.  When Aiden’s band, Shaft, is to be signed by Ironsound Records, Cam is recruited to represent the band while the recording deal is struck.  Aiden’s been a mess during their separation and believed that Cam would be just as miserable.  However, the Cameron that shows up is NOT the miserable mess of a person he expected.  No, she shows up with her close friend Luke.  She seems confident, and bold; but underneath she burns as badly as Aiden.  Will they be able to resolve their differences, so that their relationship – both in and OUT of the studio – won’t incinerate them? 

This book made my emotions soar from one extreme to another, and made me wish that the man in my bed didn’t have four feet and fur! 

The door opens, giving me a full view of Cam when her eyes hit mine.  I wait for her to say something, but she doesn’t speak.  The damn vixen winks at me then starts up the hall.  “Cam…” I start, desperate for her to say anything.  She is going back to him.  Back to the dance floor, so he can rub all over her, after he has eye fucked every bitch in this place.  The sudden urge to shock her, to argue with her, to do anything to keep her here with me, is clawing at my fucking chest.  I don’t want to let her go.  Ever.  “Why in the hell do you let him treat you like shit?  If he’s fuckin’ you, the least he can do is not smell like a cheap bitch’s perfume when he does.”

Just as I predicted, she meets my eyes, but I instantly regret my words.  Almost.  The look on her face is pure rage; her heels click across the hall until she meets me toe to toe.  “Careful, Aiden, you lost the right to care about who I fuck, remember?”  She bites out, shoving me.
Angry Cameron, doesn’t piss me off.  She turns me on.  Grabbing her by the arms, I push her against the wall, making her gasp.  “Baby, the only real fuck you’ve ever had is me.”  Leaning in, my lips nearly graze hers.  Her breathing just as ragged as mine, letting me know that she’s just as turned on right now as I am.  My right hand caresses her cheek, my thumb stroking across her jaw.  “Just answer me this, baby…When you’re fucking him, do you clench at all the right times and moan so that he thinks it’s good for you?”  Her eyes snap to mine furiously, “Does he know that you close your eyes and pretend it’s me so that you can really get off?”
Her free hand connects with my face so hard that it rattles my teeth.  “Fuck you, Aiden.”  She spits angrily.  “I came here to help the band, not to explain my relationship with Luke to you, or anyone for that matter.  If you think, for one minute, that I’m weak and going to hide; then you’ve go a rude awakening comin’.”

Cat Mason is thirty years old and a mother to three children. She was born and raised in Granite City, Illinois which is just across the Mississippi river from St. Louis, Missouri. She currently lives in Virginia with her husband and children. Previously publishing Contemporary Romance under her real name, Amy Cox until she decided to lose the filter and let it all hang out. When she isn’t writing, she is reading or spending time with her friends and family.

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Facing Me - Shaft On Tour #2 (Coming March 25)

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