Friday, July 11, 2014

♥️Cover Reveal: "Devil's Prey" by Selene Chardou❤️

I'm hot as Vegas desert in the summertime. He's arctic, complete and utter ice.
I don't think past the end of the day. He has long term goals.
The adrenaline is like a spike in my veins. He doesn't seem to have a conscience, let alone a pulse.
I like him enough to stick around. He doesn't seem to care whether I live or die.
Neither one of us trust each other, and in a life of crime, that can be a huge issue.

Magnolia "Mags" Reynolds is no shrinking violet. Her innocence is taken away from her at a very young age. Since she can remember, she's been a ruthless criminal but she's managed to survive to see her twenty-fifth birthday. 

Maxwell "Max" Cartier, an expert in his craft, enters her life shortly after a horrible tragedy leaves her adrift yet again. He doesn't want to be her lover or friend. He only wants her for one last job that will mean a fortune and his retirement.

The best laid plans are always the first to go awry, and their situation is no different. Both will have to learn the hard way there is no such thing as easy money when they are both merely Devil's prey.


About The Author
Selene Chardou is the alter
ego of Elle Chardou, and a professional liar.
When she isn’t busy
writing about hot, exciting times with the wild, damaged, out of
control set in the world of Contemporary Romance and Romantic
Suspense, she’s planning her next trip to France.
She is currently working on
a vast array of books about good girls gone bad, bikers, gangsters,
rockers, fighters, lovers, tattooed alphas, strong women and anyone
else she finds remotely interesting. When not glued to her laptop,
she enjoys daydreaming about her next great idea, visiting friends,
traveling to her favorite locales in the world, jet-setting across
the country to author signings, and playing taxi driver to her
school-age daughters.
Ms. Chardou currently
resides with her two children and their multitude of stuffed animals
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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