Thursday, June 26, 2014

There's a new author on the horizon! Heads up MC fans - this one's for you!


**Material contained in this Novella is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.***   Content includes: explicit language and sexual situations that some readers might find offensive. 

This Novella is a first book in the series Wheels & Hogs. Each book in the series will start where the prior left off.  Each book will have a HEA,  just not what you might be expecting.
Welcome to Desmond Connelly's Horde, or better known as his extended family, at Wheels & Hogs Garage. For years, these survivors have been dealing with what life throws at them while trying to move forward from the atrocities in their lives. Some have secrets not shared, while others are working through problems that are continually present in their lives. 
Follow Des as he introduces you to each one of his crew at Wheels & Hogs in this Novella. Start to understand how a group of strangers became not only friends but family over the years. Get a snapshot of why when life pushes you down, in this Garage you push back until you are on your feet again.

Release date:  July 3, 2014 
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