Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pursued, by Jeff Joseph - is finally here! Find out what happens to Abby & Daniel! ♥♥

The wait is over

The sequel to A NOVEL OBSESSION is now available at Amazon

The journey started long ago when Abby and Daniel met and fell in love under very unusual circumstances.  It ended abruptly amid the chaos created by lust and greed, but did it really end?  PURSUED  will provide the answers to long awaited questions.


Imagine finding love when it is least expected, and being so caught up in it that it entirely changes the direction of your life.  Then just as you know for the first time ever where your life is headed and why, that perfect love disappears, like a wisp of smoke from an errant spark. 
Now imagine that after months of feeling sorry for yourself you suddenly find a reason to live again, love again, and decide to pursue your lost love no matter where it may take you or how much danger it might bring upon you.  In that pursuit you uncover secrets, old and dark secrets, that are intent on making certain you not only fail, you perish from the face of the earth.  You will be tested.  Will you pass the test? 

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