Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Touch Me by t.h. snyder

This novel – the first in the Touch series – is about two people NOT looking for love, but finding it nonetheless.  The story takes place in one of my favorite places, Boston, but there is very little of the city used in this book. 

Char (Charlotte) Taylor is a young woman still recovering from the disastrous breakup of her first adult relationship-a fact that is much alluded to and not fully explored to my satisfaction (yep, I’m nosy like that-even when it comes to fictitious people).  The younger of two daughters, I got the impression that Char believed herself to be overshadowed by her much more flighty and flamboyant sibling, Chloe-who has left her long suffering boyfriend behind to pursue her passion for sports broadcasting.  Char describes herself as the more responsible of the two, and has not dated at all since her break up with Marc.  Char’s father, Bryce, owns the prestigious contracting business, Taylor & Sons. 

Derrick Peters is an attorney, who has been left in Boston by Chloe.  It is alluded to that this is not the first time it had happened either.  Saint Derrick (because I don’t think even the NICEST of men would put up with eight years of Chloe’s crap) is Char’s sounding board, best friend, and they spend a great deal of time together. 

Riley Kinkaid is a 30-year-old man from North Carolina who is coming terms with the unexpected death of his parents.  To make matters worse, it appears as if his father had not updated the will since before Riley graduated from college, and his brother-in-law has taken over Riley’s Legacy – RPK Contracting -  made him persona non grata at the corporate headquarters and all job sites, and has caused a significant rift between him and his sister, Emma.  Overcome with the grief of his parents’ passing, as well as the shock of losing his job (and all that implies), Riley decides to leave North Carolina and start over somewhere else.  Finding Derrick’s add for a roommate on Craig’s List, Riley packs what her can, loads up his dog Manny, and relocates to Boston.  Of course, Riley applies for a job at Taylor & Sons, but not before having a ‘run-in’ with Char at a local mini-mart. 
This book is ok.  I enjoyed the story, but found the characters a little underdeveloped (does the fact that I liked Derrick better than anyone else give you a clue).  Although they are the books main focus, Char and Riley are more surface characters, with an alluded to back story that is only truly exposed very late in the book, and their hearts all too often on their sleeves.  I found the sex scenes to be rushed and not all that satisfying.  It is written from the first person perspective of Char and Riley, a style I find unique and often off-putting (the single thing I detested about FSOG-first person narrative).  This may work in many cases, but – in my opinion – not in this one, I simply found it annoying.  although it is a fresh take on writing and it may grow on me.  I am looking forward to Ms. Snyder’s next book “Touched By You”.  Not only is it Derrick and Chloe’s story, but there is great potential in T.H. Snyder’s writing.  I believe she is going to bloom into a master wordsmith!

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